Past Founders Fund Leadership Award Winners


Founders Fund Leadership Award Winners

While Founders Fund Scholarships have been awarded since 2006, the Founders Fund Leadership Award formally began in 2010. In 2013, at the Fiftieth Anniversary celebration, in lieu of an award, there was a panel discussion with three notable panelists.


2010  Donal O’Brien, Original TGF members and influential New York lawyer with
connections in state government

2011  Ted Rogowski, coauthor of the Clean Water Act, cofounder of TGF, and founding member of the Federation of Fly Fishers

2012  Stanley Bryer, pioneer of TGF’s efforts in conservation litigation

2013  John Adams, founder, Natural Resources Defense Council; Peter Kaminsky,
fly-fishing author and New York Times columnist; Whit Fosburgh, president,
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

2014  Al Butzel, lawyer and environmental advocate in the landmark Storm King Mountain power plant case and the successful litigation against the Westway megaproject

2015  Joe Martens, former Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation

2016  Sarah Chasis, longtime advocate for sustainable fisheries and healthy oceans

2017  Karl Coplan, professor of law at the Elizabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University and director of its Environmental Litigation Clinic

2018  Bert Darrow, president of TGF and longtime advocate for cold-water fisheries in the Northeast

2019  Larry Solomon, former president of TGF and author

2020  David Kramer, one of the founders and members of Theodore Gordon Flyfishers and longtime supporter

2021  Karen Kaplan, creator and administrator of the Founders Fund Society and longtime chair of the Education Committee

2022  Jennifer Grossman, for almost thirty years of strategic environmental legal work in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

2023  Tracy Brown, for her commitment to environmental conservation and restoration of New York waters.