Board of Directors

Board Members at The Fly Fishing Show
Board Members at The Fly Fishing Show

Officers & Directors


Bruce Pollock, President
Julian Antebi, Vice President
Steve Lieb, Secretary
Andrew Worthington, Treasurer

Committee Chairs

Conservation, Julian Antebi
Education, Janice Robinson
Advocacy, Charles Flickinger
Membership, Avram Schlesinger
Public Relations & Archives, Kitty Stanton

(through 2023)

Julian Antebi
Stephen Lieb
Avram Schlesinger
Andrew Worthington

(through 2024)

David Berman
Kelly E. Buchta
Bud Bynack
Jay Graves
Bruce Pollock

(through 2025)

Jessica Steinberg Albin
Charles Flickinger
Hyun Kounne              Janice Robinson  Catherine "Kitty" Stanton


Bruce Pollock doing what he does best on the rivers, teaching people to not only cast and fish but also respect the streams TGF cares for.