Theodore Gordon Flyfishers

A leader in cold-water stream conservation and restoration in the Northeast.

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TGF stands out among conservation organizations in its activism on conservation issues and for over 50 years has been a sought-after advisor and partner for local and national conservation organizations on environmental issues and action, alerting both the general public and the angling community to critical new environmental issues.

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Legal Fund

The TGF Environmental Legal Defense Fund supports parties to litigation whose positions align with TGF's conservation mission.  TGF is also committed to seeking opportunities to become involved in legal actions on behalf of our members where our stake as sportsmen and sportswomen in a healthy, productive cold-water fishery is threatened.


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TGF supports the education of future conservation activists. Founders Fund Scholarships for postgraduate studies in environmental law and environmental sciences launch promising students on careers in positions to effect real change. And TGF awards scholarships to promising high school seniors from the Catskills who will be entering these fields.



Quarterly, Gordon's Quill provides updates about major conservation issues and initiatives, reflections on approaches to cold-water stream conservation, and entertaining articles on angling culture. Annual reports inform members about the state of TGF. In addition, an archive of older publications contains excellent writing by members, including well-known authors.

"It is you and clean, flowing water. . . in a wild world that is older than man."

Lee Wulff

Our Mission

Theodore Gordon Flyfishers, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization founded on American fly-fishing traditions promoting stream and river protection and self-sustainable salmonid populations through conservation, environmental oversight, activism, catch-and-release practices, and education.

How to Support TGF

Join TGF to support our conservation efforts. Donate to the Conservation Fund, the Founders Fund, and the Legal Defense Fund.