Our Conservation Projects

Theodore Gordon Flyfishers was established almost sixty years ago to protect clean waters and healthy fisheries in the Catskills, a mission that now extends to rivers and streams throughout the tristate area and the Northeast. The conservation work of TGF is financed through the Conservation Fund, dedicated to habitat improvement and environmental measures that will restore and protect self-sustaining wild-trout fisheries. The Conservation Fund supports cooperative efforts with other conservation groups, hands-on maintenance of trout habitats by TGF volunteers, and improving public access to and enjoyment of responsible angling.

TGF's Vice President for Conservation and members of the Conservation Committee are charged with identifying conservation grant recipients meeting TGF’s criteria. They are responsible for building strong working relationships with Trout Unlimited and other conservation groups throughout the region.

If you are aware of trout stream conservation projects in your area that might benefit from our support, please bring them to the attention of the TGF Conservation Committee for review.

Contact: Conservation@tgf.org