Sands Creek Restoration

TGF was happy to give early financial support to the Friends of the Upper Delaware River (FUDR) in their effort to improve the spawning habitat of Sands Creek, a tributary to the West Branch of the Delaware River. The first section of Sands Creek to be restored, called “Site 5,” extends from the confluence of Dry Brook and Sands Creek downstream about half a mile. FUDR completed work on Site 5 in the spring of 2015. The stream had been straightened and channelized by human activity in the valley over the last hundred years. This meant that during high water, the stream cut deep into the valley, increasing erosion of the streambed that sent tons of sand, silt, and gravel downstream.

The Site 5 section of Sands Creek is now reconnected with its floodplain. The banks have been shaped to stabilize them during flood events to reduce the load of debris eroded and carried downstream and into the West Branch. The result is better and more productive habitat in Sands Creek itself and in the West Branch.