Horse Brook Culvert Removal

Horse Brook is a tributary that enters the Beaverkill about two miles downstream from Junction Pool in Roscoe. For decades, the productivity of this stream for spawning trout has been virtually eliminated by a culvert about a quarter of a mile up from the Beaverkill where Horse Brook Road crosses the brook. In low water, the brook filtered beneath the culvert, which absolutely blocked fish from passing. And the outflow of the culvert itself was several feet above the stream, creating an impassable “waterfall” preventing trout from traveling upstream to spawn.

In 2008, TGF proposed replacing this culvert with a “bottomless” overpass that would allow the stream to flow unimpeded. In 2010,the project looked like a go. Funding was in place, approval was given by state and local authorities, and geologic and hydrologic studies were complete. Unfortunately, the political winds changed, and approval for the project was withdrawn.

In 2014, in a different political climate, Trout Unlimited was able to present the proposal originally worked out by TGF. TGF president Bert Darrow worked closely with TU representatives, including Tracy Brown, TU’s northeastern restoration coordinator, to get the project restarted. TGF contributed $15,000 to the project and partnered with TU to raise additional funds. We are happy to say that Horse Brook now flows into the Beaverkill without obstruction, giving spawning trout many miles of stream to spawn.